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Then, if ever, come perfect days.

A few months ago, I blogged about a WSJ article describing Berlin’s problems with boars. I so liked one of the pictures accompanying the article that I decided to link to it in the post, but for a reason I can’t recall had to download it to my hard drive and upload it myself to Flickr to do so.

Little did I know this simple action would thrust me athwart the snorting sounder of international copyright laws!

From my Flickr inbox last week (names have been changed to protect the guilty from further trouble):

Hi there,
I am the photographer and owner of the copyright of the boar photo in your photo stream.
Intended or not, the usage and posting of this image is illegal and an abuse of international copyright laws.
Please, remove the image from your photostream IMMEDIATELY and delete it from your computer.
If that has not been done until Monday, 15th June, 2009, I shall pass this on to my media lawyer.
Best wishes,
Herr Harrumph

As it happens, I had not had much to drink on what was an unseasonably warm June day, so my response was a bit dry:

No problem. We certainly wouldn’t want any more people to see the photo than absolutely necessary. Regards, Jeff

The jocular reply:

A man with an attitude. Rarely found these days. Congratulations.

And what is so rare as a day in June? A man with an attitude, perhaps, or a German who appreciates sarcasm?

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