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Via Matt Yglesias via Brad DeLong, we find the following chart from one of the UC professor’s lectures:


I did some quick googling, and found the following current statistics for Rwanda (these are based on total population, not households, and many of them are from newspapers, so beware).

Rwanda Development

Many people separated from us geographically are poor, and we profess to care about them and even pity them. Many people separated from us in time are poor, but we don’t care about them much, despite the fact that our actions can have far more impact on them. This is not the point I’d thought I’d make when I began this post.

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If I’m not mistaken, this has been the longest unplanned break in TRZ posts since blogstart–it has not been for want of material. Here were some the topics I considered and dropped at various stages of development.

  • A primer on monetary policy as it relates to my finding $1500 in various forms of cash in my parents’ bedroom.
  • The sleeping habits of OECD countries,
  • The eating habits of OECD countries,
  • The power of culture in the efficacy of national institutions.,
  • Other stuff I’ve forgotten,
  • And one more thing I’ll write about tomorrow (or the next day, or…)

Once I get that last post written, you’ll understand why I’ve been focused on other things despite having ample free time.

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All a-Twitter

After tweeting somewhat surreptitiously for a few months, I’ve opted to add a Twitter widget to the sidebar. My tweets tend to be lighthearted and personal, so they make for a good side dish to the relatively heavy blogular fare. For those of you who’d rather follow me on Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed instead of reading them via the blog, just click here.

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In Which I Channel Kai Ryssdal

Hey reader, scoot your chair a little closer and let’s get meta for a moment:

  • This blog beloved has been in existence now for close to 16 months.
  • Pasted into a Word document, the blog is 147 single-spaced pages.
  • 224 posts hath this blog, and about 54,000 original words.
  • This averages out to about one 240-word post every other day.
  • If I were billed $.50 for every word in a typical post, I could not pay out of my primary checking account unless payment were deferred until next Friday.
  • Including quoted text, the total word count increases to 60,500, or about 270 words per post.
  • Approximately 84 percent of my posts’ titles contain humorous puns or witty associations.
  • Of that 84 percent, about 73 percent are not apprehended and/or appreciated.
  • I will gladly extend a wink and a nod to the first person to state the significance of this post’s title in the comments.
  • Speaking of which, my posts have garnered about 97 comments.
  • A small proportion of commentators make 80 percent of these comments, which aligns well with the Pareto principle.
  • There are fully-written entries I’ve never posted.
  • If I include something about myself in an entry, I almost always edit it out before posting.
  • The most popular search terms for this blog have to do with rhetoric, Plato, Aristotle, Obama, or some combination thereof.
  • My most loyal readers are people whom I’ve never met or haven’t seen in years.
  • On a typical post, coming up with a concluding thought is the hardest part.

So, um, yeah. That’s it.

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